End Emotional Eating...For Good!

Find out how in my 
8-Week Eat to Live Academy

Learn My Proven System to Finally Eliminate Food Cravings, Manage Your Mind and and End Emotional Eating...finally and FOR GOOD!
I'm going to show you in the
8-Week Eat to Live Academy
Learn the Secrets WHY You've Never Been Able to Stick to Healthy Eating Before! (hint: it's not your fault!)
8 Key Strategies to Create Lasting Motivation for Good! (will-power just doesn't cut it...but I'll tell you what does!)
Recognize the 1 Barrier to Food Freedom and Body Confidence That No One Realizes They Have...(and what to do about it!)
A Simple Step-by-Step Formula to Overcome All Your Food Craving Struggles!
Yes, I want Cheri to show me how to get and stay healthy...forever!

Eat to Live Academy and Coaching Testimonials

"By working through the Academy lessons I have been empowered to change anything I desire with new tools and knowledge I never had before."
"In just these few weeks my husband has reported that I am becoming a more aware and patient person. I didn't even set out to change this about myself and here I am becoming a completely better person due to my mind being opened to new paths I can take just by changing my thoughts or seeing another side to once held beliefs."
"I have friends who struggle with emotional eating and they would greatly benefit from the unique approach to eating, health and emotions."

About Cheri Alberts

I’ve been following the Eat to Live lifestyle for more than 7 years. 

When it comes to being successful on this lifestyle, I have made every mistake in the book — which means that you don’t have to! ;-) 

My goal is to demystify Eat to Live for you using the most advanced mindset coaching techniques in the world.

With my help, you will learn to use this powerful eating style to reach your wildest wellness and fit body goals...and feel super-confident doing it.

 — Cheri Alberts, Eat to Live expert, private life and weight coach and well-known YouTuber
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