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The 8-Week Eat to Live Academy

A proven, step-by-step system to finally stop emotional eating, end food cravings and stick to healthy eating...for good.

No Will-Power Required
No Dieting Required
No Accountability Required

Learn to Eat to Live forever and love it...just like:

Joe, Academy Alumnus

"Before I joined the Academy, I was 100% out of control...I was hopeless, and I had tried every method you could possibly try.
 I was an extreme binger. Going thru Eat to Live Academy brought me to a place of freedom and control. I’m down 28lbs in 12 weeks.
Eat to Live Academy was the best decision I’ve ever made and I believe it gave many many extra years on my life."

Teresa, Workshop Alumna

"I had a lot going on with the emotions and the food binging, lack of consistency, confusion. I knew that there was more pieces to this puzzle that needed to be connected. For me personally...what you taught us took away a lot of the negative questions I had about why I was unsuccessful before...a lot of those ups and downs...now after the Workshop, I can stop myself. It feels more stable, I don't feel as stressed out."

Michele, Academy Alumna

"I rebel. I have the two halves, the angel and the devil. I derive my self-worth from what I look like. I think I'm desperate to resolve that issue. I thought you were gonna tell me about cooking and prepping. I think you challenged my idea of what I needed. I feel more in control with the choices I do make; that's a big relief in my life. I actually feel more freedom. This is the key. This is the place you have to go."

Together We Will:

⭐️ Learn the one powerful tool to help you overcome food cravings, whenever you need to...for good
⭐️ Learn how to end emotional eating, release weight and get to your ideal health status -- without dieting or will-power
⭐️ Gain the confidence to know that you can reach your goals consistently, sustainably and without struggle forever
⭐️ Learn the key mindset shifts required for sustainable lifestyle changes
⭐️ Learn how to eat healthy - and actually enjoy it!
⭐️ Learn to feel good in your skin and be confident in your body...even before you've lost all the weight!
⭐️ Gain the empowerment to know that you can do this all on your own without a "buddy" or someone to report to
⭐️ How to love yourself throughout the process of finding your ideal weight and healthy eating rhythm

The Eat to Live Academy is an Online Program Designed to Help You Drop Your Food Struggles for Good so you can get the healthy body and eating habits you desire...consistently and love it...forever.

Every week, I’ll share the most powerful lifestyle change and consistency strategies that I’ve used to coach hundreds of clients (and by going on this journey myself)

Here's How the Eat to Live Academy Helped Joe:

What You Get in the 8-Week Eat to Live Academy

Learn the Secrets WHY You've Never Been Able to Stick to Healthy Eating Before! (hint: it's not your fault!)
2 Key Strategies to Create Lasting Motivation for Good! (will-power just doesn't cut it...but I'll tell you what does!)
Recognize the 1 Barrier to Food Freedom and Body Confidence That No One Realizes They Have...(and what to do about it!)
A Simple Step-by-Step Formula to Overcome All Your Food Craving Struggles!

The Eat To Live Academy is packed full of the tools, strategies, and lessons you need to change your own life:

💪 8 WEEKS of classes broken down into easy-to-digest and easy-to-implement modules.
💪 Exercises designed to create and enforce new thought patterns towards food 
💪 Tools to support you along this journey - worksheets, journals, and more
💪 A community of other participants to share encouragement and get support with your thoughts, feelings, and experiences

In addition, I’m sharing these fantastic bonuses to supplement the Academy

🍴 Eat to Live Nutritarian Meal Planning and Prepping Guide and Theory ($47+ Value)
🍴 Eat to Live Nutritarian Quick Reference Meal Formula Guide ($47+ Value)
🍴 Access to a PRIVATE Academy-Attendee-ONLY Facebook Group ($97+ Value) 
🍴 21-Day Eat to Live Challenge that includes Grocery Lists, Recipes, Meal Plans ($49+ Value)

This Academy will change the way you eat, feel, and live...for the rest of your life!

The Academy IS a Fit For You If:

  • You are sick and tired of dieting, accountability programs, points, using a food scale, calorie-counting, online group check-ins, will-power, "easy hacks" that never work
  • You know all about healthy eating, but you just can't seem to stick to it
  • ​You are finally ready to make a lasting, permanent change in your healthy eating lifestyle
  • ​You've been successful with weight-loss before, but you've never been able to keep it off consistently
  • ​You've got 3 sizes of clothes in your closet and just want to trust having only one already
  • ​You're overweight, at your ideal weight OR you're underweight
  • ​You just want the obsessive thoughts about food to stop
  • ​You're ready to make a lasting, permanent change
  • ​You're willing to put in the effort and time that it will take to re-wire your brain from years of bad eating patterns
  • ​You finally want control over your thinking at any point in time
  • ​You just want to enjoy your social life without obsessing over the food part or how you must look to others
  • ​You want to have the confidence and peace of mind knowing you are on the right path and will remain there forever

The Academy is NOT a Fit For You If:

  • You want a quick fix that will solve all your problems in a week
  • ​You are not willing to invest serious time and effort into changing your paradigms of thought
  • ​You're afraid of learning what the real solution has been all these years (hint: it's all in your own head)
  • ​You're not willing to look deep and get in touch with your inner self, thoughts and feelings
  • ​You're not willing to put in the time to learn the materials on a weekly basis
  • ​You're not interested in self-improvement
  • ​You would never be caught dead eating a salad
  • ​You just want accountability and someone telling you what to do all the time
  • ​You don't want to be a more centered version of yourself 

Here's How the Academy Helped Michele:

I'm going to show you
I know you're busy. The Eat to Live Academy is 100% online and accessible for life, updates included! You get 8 weeks of 60-90 minute video modules, broken down into my proven step-by-step program, so you won't miss a beat. And if life interrupts you, you can always rewatch any part of it, anytime.
Eat to Live Academy private, members-only Facebook group.
Real connections are made here with a real community who has the same goals and struggles as you. You'll learn how to connect with others, and you'll have a community to lean on when you're in need.
30-Day Investment Guarantee. Work through the Eat to Live Academy for up to 30 days. If you do the work and don't feel you're receiving value, I would be so happy to refund your investment.

What's Your Investment?

One Time Easy Payment
Unlimited, lifetime access
  • 8 Modules: 60-90 minutes of Online Instruction Each Week
    ($700+ Value)
  • Weekly Tools, PDFs, Cheatsheets and Worksheets
    ($75+ Value)
  • BONUS Access to Private Facebook Community
    ($97+ Value) 
  • BONUS Eat to Live Nutritarian Meal Planning and Prepping Guide and Theory
    ($47+ Value)
  • BONUS Eat to Live Nutritarian Quick Reference Meal Formula Guide
    ($47+ Value)
  • BONUS 21-Day Eat to Live Challenge with Grocery Lists, Recipes, Meal Plans
    ($49+ Value)
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

30 Day Happiness Guarantee*

*Three weeks of completed coursework in addition to three weekly engagement posts in our active Facebook Group required to qualify for a full refund.

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About Cheri Alberts

I’ve been following the Eat to Live lifestyle for more than 7 years. 

When it comes to being successful on this lifestyle, I have made every mistake in the book — which means that you don’t have to! ;-) 

My goal is to demystify Eat to Live for you, so that you can use this powerful eating style resource to reach your wildest wellness and fit body goals, and feel super-confident doing it.

 — Cheri Alberts, Eat to Live expert private life and weight coach and well-known YouTuber

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