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learn my proven system to eat to live and shed pounds in just 21 days ...No thinking required! :)

Laura O.

“Honestly, [the Challenge] was just like magic for me from day 1. The weight just started coming back off again, even better than it did on the 10 in 20…I ended up losing 12 pounds and I’m super, super happy with that.”

Steve and Marsha A.

“It was such a good experience. I can’t believe the health that it’s already brought to both of us…I feel so much better. / I have probably eaten to where I felt full more than in my whole life. And what’s really been good is I’ve dropped 12 pounds in the 21 days since the Challenge started.”

Laura W.

“I thought I’d just give it a try, it’s only 21 days. There were so many benefits. It was great, I actually lost 15 pounds in 21 days and everyone just keeps asking me “How’d you’d do it?” And then I actually felt so much better...I slept better, and I just had a lot more energy.”

Here's what it's all about...

If you're here, then healthy eating isn't going the way you planned.
Let me show you another way.

Have you always wanted to learn how to live (and love!) the Eat to Live lifestyle (super healthy, high-nutrient, plant-based delicious foods), but are too intimidated to try or sick of "falling off the wagon"?

Are you worried you're going to waste your money on recipes you end up not liking? 

Afraid of how long the meal prep work is going to take? 

Hate having to plan your own meals and decide what to eat every single day of your life?

Here's how the 21-Day Eat to Live Challenges create that Healthy Eating MAGIC you've always wished for...

Over the last 7 years, I've been attempting, failing, getting back up, perfecting and refining my system for how to Eat to Live...forever.

I come from a background of chronic overeating, clinically categorized binge eating disorder and food hoarding behaviors. 

I was always 30-40+ pounds overweight my whole life. 

I gained 48 pounds during my first pregnancy...and then subsequently lost more than 60 pounds afterwards (and have kept it off) using the powerful mindset and healthy eating techniques I teach now.

I know what it's like to suffer from those food demons. In fact, I've been documenting my own struggle and quest to finally get healthy long-term for YEARS on my almost 30,000 subscriber YouTube channel and over 50,000 follower Facebook page.

And then I started coaching.

I've been a private coach for this lifestyle for years.

I have privately coached dozens and dozens of folks JUST LIKE YOU to learn to overcome their healthy eating challenges, finally love to eat healthy food, get that energy back, never go hungry, get the fit body they've always desired...and ENJOY doing this...forever!

And one day I decided I needed to show my WHOLE AUDIENCE how to do this, in a systematic, proven, NEW way, that no one has ever created before. 

And that's when my 21-Day Eat to Live Challenges were born. 

I knew that if I was going to pass on this information, it had to be the best. 

It would have to take you from:

  • Overeating regularly and always feeling like you could fall "off track" at any moment...to finally understanding the RIGHT amount of healthy foods to eat, in the right variety to feel satiated and happy with your meals -- all while LOVING the flavors and process!
  • Wasting time, money, and effort trying to perfect a new lifestyle that you don't understand to being shown every single detail right up front, so you have nothing to research or question ever again.
  • The loneliness of having no one friends or family around you with the same goal to suddenly having HUNDREDS of others doing it right alongside you for support, friendship and camaraderie whenever you need them.
  • ​Having to think about every single step and figure it out all on your own, to not having think about a single thing! 


You get all these amazing recipes, meal plans, grocery lists and tons of bonuses worth well over $365...

for just $49!

In this product you will get*:
16-Page Welcome Booklet
Sets and Recipes (ALL NEW RECIPES!)
Prep Instructions (NEW INSTRUCTIONS!)
Grocery Lists (NEW LISTS!)

BONUS Produce Storage Guide
BONUS Kitchen Products Guide
BONUS FAQ Document
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Orange Creamsicle Smoothie
Yummo Dressed Salad
Italian Eggplant Soup
Chia Breakfast Smoothie
Kale in Cream Sauce
Corn Bean Wrap
Peachy Keen Smoothie
Hot and Cold Salad
Asian Zoodles
Scrambled Veggs 2.0
Big Salad with Magical Dressing
Steamed Veggies with Cheezy Sauce
Beet-iful Cherry Smoothie
Hummus Wrap
Best Brussels
Cheery Cherry Oats
Grains and Greens
Relaxed Greens
Bean & Wild Rice Soup
Sweet Spuds
Simple Salad/Mango Dressing
Fudgy Nice Cream

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Who is Cheri Alberts?

Cheri Alberts is the Founder of The Watering Mouth YouTube channel and website.

She is the most well-known private Eat to Live coach in the world.

She specializes in helping her audience and clients overcome their long-term battles with food, health and body size issues using her cutting-edge mindset tools, her Life Coaching certification from The Life Coach School and her years of expertise...as well as her own 60+ pounds lost...for good.

Cheri overcame her own decades-long battle against binge eating disorder and overweight and finally teaches her methods to anyone who will listen. :) 

Peaceful, healthy eating for all...forever. 

Let's do this together.


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